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21 November 2014


Well, what else would you call it?  I’m back with yet another scrapbook page from a Pinterest board sketch, using my November 2014 counterfeit kit.


This page also incorporates the idea of using lots of neutrals.  As much as I love color, I find myself trying this every so often.  I don’t think I have yet mastered it, but I am getting closer.  From outside my kit I grabbed the washi tapes in the mid-tone grays instead of the bold brown dot and little yellow floral included in my kit.  The yellow chipboard piece was originally pulled from stash for another assignment, and never put away.  I envision making one more layout from this kit before the remnants are reincorporated into my general supplies.

family! love

This picture is of the four of us at the meal after my brother’s memorial service.  I really treasure any time someone gets a good shot of all four of us – even if it is on a solemn occasion.  My thanks to cousin S for this one.  Of course, those occasions remind us how important family is, and how fast time can fly by between opportunities to see our extended family.  I still want to do a memorial page on my brother, but I need to think a little more about that and about what journaling I want to add to this layout too.

18 November 2014

Scrapbooking Idea– Using Mid-Century Modern Style

You Never Forget High School – a layout for Get It Scrapped

Story Whether or not we go onto college, we all remember our high school years.  On this layout I paired my high-school senior picture with just a few of the things I remember about those times.

For the record, mid-century modern was the style from the 40’s through the 1960’s. Think about the TV show, Mad Men, for example.  This school of design was meant to be simpler and yet bolder than the designs that preceded it. 

(Also for the record, the photo I used is technically past that period, but I’m not brave enough to post even earlier pictures of me, during my awkward pre-teen days!)
Style I embraced the graphic "modern" nature of this mid-century modern style - picking up on its use of iconic shapes, such as the bursts on the tag, as well as patterns, like the TV test pattern on one of the papers.  For color I mixed some muted shades, with contrasting black and a touch of bright colors - while my high school days are long past and perhaps muted, my memories of them are bright and happy.

I think the page has an overall uncluttered feel to it because of the prevalence of white and the understated embellishments.  I think I incorporated enough mid-century design, while staying true to how I scrapbook.

retro papers

I was really grateful to Studio Calico for their retro papers called As Seen On TV and Retrograph, as they were the starting points for this page.
Stash Supplies:  Paper:  Studio Calico; Alphabets, American Crafts; Flair, Scrapbook Customs; Brads, Stampin Up; Buttons, SEI; Diecuts, Studio Calico; Chipboard, Unknown.

15 November 2014

Pin and Scrap, Pin and Scrap, Pin and . . .

Can you believe it?  I found a sketch on Pinterest that spoke to me. Yes, another one.

the sampler kit club: A City With A Soul Layout...

If I’m in rut by scrapping all these sketches I have pinned in the past, please don’t mention it to my scrappy mojo.  I am plowing through my November 2014 Counterfeit Kit in record fashion.  In my on-again off-again world of scrapping motivation – my mojo is definitely on.

Here’s another of daughter’s senior photos.  It slid under a basket on my desk and was forgotten until I dusted.  (I’m in an on-again cleaning mode this month as well.)  Sorry for the distorted photo of the layout - with the change of season, taking pictures in the den doesn't work as well for natural light.  I need to switch to a south-facing window.  The trouble is I have to clear a spot in front of one first, and my cleaning mode hasn't gotten to that project.


I still need to add the date, but my old gold pen seems to have run dry.  See ya; unlike the ink in that pen, I’ve gotta run!

PS  I have been trying to get around to catch-up and comment on your blogs too.  But Google seems to keep signing me out so that I can't comment.  So frustrating.  Why does my computer always go glitchy right after I install Windows updates?

12 November 2014

Back To The Pinterest Board For Me

Well, my last look at my Pinterest board resulted in a pretty nice layout from my November 2014 counterfeit kit based on a sketch. I should try that again. I did.

This sketch is from the Scrapidees website.  Once upon a time, it a favorite of mine for the fabulous sketches.  They sketched a lot of floating configurations before those were all the rage – well, before I knew they were all the rage (which may substantially later).  This is one of their simpler ones that I pinned two years ago.  If you check out their blog you will see sketches down the entire left-hand sidebar.

There is a little tree in our yard that Pa planted several years back – I had documented when the kids planted it with him back then.  Of all the possible colorful fall pictures I could scrap this year, this is the one that spoke to me.  Simply Fall:

simply fall

These were the two favorite papers in my November 2014 counterfeit kit.  I spent 2 hours on this layout, and that is too long for such a simple page.  I fiddled with inking leaves (discarded a few) and then debated over the journaling (will probably add to it).  I need to pick up the pace of my scrapping if I’m going to use up my Kitchen Sink kit.

09 November 2014

Pinterest Revisited

Okay, so the thing about Pinterest is that it gives you a head start with ideas you have already decided you like.  This month, it is almost serving as my scrapbook to-do list too.

This time of year anything with the word “pumpkin” in it is going to catch my attention.  For example, Dairy Queen’s pumpkin pie Blizzard is quite a hit.  I don't doubt that I could have told you about it last year - some things are just meant to be annual traditions.

I also spied this sketch from Purple Pumpkin Crafts October 2013 sketch challenge.  That site is now dormant, but thanks to my pin, their sketch is still right at my fingertips.

Purple Pumpkin: October sketch challenge and an announcement!!!

I took the idea of their upward to the right diagonal flow and tilted my photo on its mat instead.  Then I disbursed three flower clusters instead of two around it, and finished up by sprinkling embellishments in an overall circular flow.  My two children (on the left) and their cousins posed for a shot that was destined for Instagram® or Facebook® or both.  For privacy of the names and other details I will put in the journaling, I took my picture beforehand.

looking good 2

I am 'fessing up that this is the second version of this layout.  I posted my first in the gallery for critique over at Get It Scrapped's membership site, Masterful Scrapbook Design during this month’s office hours.  Actually, the thing to which I was looking for a solution was not the element that brought the most comments.  Go figure!!

It is an interesting exercise to have your work seen through someone else’s eyes and hear what they think about it strictly with a design critique viewpoint.  I took just two of their suggestions, which led me to two tweaks of my own.  In the end, it helped me to solve my own dilemma.

I was happy that I had included some green and blue elements in my fall kit (not everything needed to look like pumpkin).  They work well with the Acorn Avenue chipboard.  That gorgeous paper on the bottom is Spiced Pears from Basic Grey's Persimmon collection.    I do confess to snatching that coral alphabet, the two ATC’s and a couple bits from my stash.

Pinterest is helping me scrap through my kit this month!  It may be worth another trip to Pinterest, just as soon as I return from Dairy Queen, that is!