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28 October 2014

Speaking of October - It Is Almost Over

October was “quite something” around these parts – very busy with planned and unplanned happenings.  Since I last caught you up, college girl was home on fall break – here her Dad is about to drive her back.  I’m glad to see she is studying so much, she doesn’t have time to get those bangs trimmed! Winking smile

Speaking of trims,  here is Duke after his recent visit to the groomer.  Poor bald little pun’kin.


He ended up with a summer haircut, because when I said “the usual” I meant the trim he most often gets, but the new gal working the counter took that to be the last cut he got, which was back in early summer.  I hope he grows his hair back soon, before he freezes his little tuckus off.  He is ready with his little pirate bandanna – maybe Halloween will be a hair-raising experience for him.  Winking smile

Speaking of scares, I told you about my MIL falling.  I am happy to report that she received a good report from the doc and is out and about again for all her usual activities.  She can even drive.

Speaking of driving, with us doing so much during October, I was able to finish several audiobooks:

The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy, #2)The Narrows (Harry Bosch, #10)Echo Park (Harry Bosch, #12)Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers

I have caught up on some movies too (no, not while driving):

Product DetailsSaving Mr. Banks (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

That last book and last movie were both tear-jerkers.  I’ve already started listening to Elizabeth Edwards’ second book – Resilience, with tissues close at hand.  Then I am switching to a happy cozy mystery or two.  Maybe one of these that hubby and I picked up at the used book store last Saturday.

So October is about ready to wrap up - Halloween still to come this Friday.  I really don’t “do” Halloween, but sis-in-law Trenna does.  Isn’t this a cute shadowbox! Yep!  That grid design could be translated to a great Halloween layout – if one were to “do” such a thing. (Maybe I'll do one of that little pun'kin pup.)


So November is on the horizon and I'm reminded of this bit from Mary Poppins:

 Winds in the east, mist coming in. / Like somethin' is brewin' and 'bout to begin. /
Can't put me finger on what lies in store, / But I fear what's to happen all happened before.

Are you ready for what's about to happen?

24 October 2014

Listening In . . .

Susanne:  Gee, I really need to do a blog post.

S:  Yes, you do.

Susanne:  I’m nearly caught up reading on everyone else’s blogs, and they seem to be posting lots more than me.

S:  Yes, they are.

Susanne:  What to do, what to do?  I usually have a couple posts waiting in draft form, but not today.

S:  Zero, zip, zilch – that’s what you got.

Susanne:  Okay, I need to change my focus here and think!

S:  Good luck with that!

Susanne:   Shhhhhhh.

S:  . . . . . . . . waiting . . . .

Susanne:  I do have that layout that I did for my GIS assignment.  But it’s not really good enough.

S:  Umm . . . actually it is!  It’s cute, it’s playful, it scraps something you want to document, it’s a stash buster of little tags and glittery stickers, and did I mention it’s cute?

Susanne:  Well, haven’t you come around . . .

S:  Actually, I have!  (Besides, I have a new idea for the GIS assignment.  There are weeks till it is due.  And you are going to need several blog posts between then and now!Post it, I say!


Susanne:  There you go.

S:  Now you need to get to work on the next project.  You’ve been neglecting your October counterfeit kit – just a week left and look at the full box.

Susanne:  Well you’re coming around, didn’t last long, now did it?

oct kit mess-001

S:  (no comment)

Susanne:  Yeah, I “hear” you.  But I just can’t seem to focus on using a kit.  I have pulled together, November and December kits already.  That’s good, right?

S:  Really, you’re bragging about that.  Honestly, you cannot blog that.  There are official reveal posts for that . . . adherence to protocol, etc. . . .  So, no, you get no credit.

nov kit mess-001dec kit mess-001

Susanne:  (pouting)  Yes, I do.  I will be discreet!  Just look there – I’m really keeping December under cover, don’t you think?  And they should know I am trying to be creative.  We want to keep them checking back, don’t we?

S:  Gee whiz . . . whatta lotta scrap!

23 October 2014

Scrapbooking Idea–Use Setting To Tell The Story

Our layouts are meant to tell a story with both words and pictures.  Those visual images include not only our photographs but the papers and pretties we used to scrap.  One method for doing so is to further the story by mimicking its setting on the page.

My Hope-full Chest – A layout for Get It Scrapped

Story: I have had a "hope" chest since I was 20 years old.  Over the years it has become full of mementos of my life, and it is a reminder of how blessed I have been.
Style: The setting is reflected by using attic themed paper that shows a collection of items gathered over the years.  I placed my chest in among the suitcases, ladders and coatracks and added lots of embellishments to add to the feel of things having collected over time. The pull-out tag at the top lists the contents.

hopeful chest collage-001
I’ve taken a little bit of artistic license here as my house doesn’t have an attic, and my chest sits in the guest bedroom.  But that’s allowed, right, because in all probability this chest will end up in a grandchild’s attic one day.  I hope.
Stash: Paper and stickers, Kaisercraft – In The Attic Collection; Alphabet, K & Co.: Metal pieces, 7 Gypsies and Melissa Francis, remaining bits and bobs from stash

22 October 2014

My Oh My - The Week That Was

Well, last Wednesday morning I was pulling out my Christmas stash.  I wanted to take inventory, I was going to need it for an upcoming Get It Scrapped project, and well, for Christmas!    This was as far as I got – this picture is actually this Tuesday a.m. – yep it sat that way for 6 full days.  Why?


At noon last Wednesday, I took a quick break to run to the drugstore down the road for a much needed allergy decongestant.  Hubby happened to be home for lunch; so he got the phone call from his Mom’s friend saying she had fallen.  Needless to say, by the time I returned from my 15 minute errand, he had already packed his bag.  I packed one quickly, and we headed 2 1/2 hours northward.

After her Bible class luncheon, she missed a step in the dimly-lit restaurant, and fell face first forward.  She was bleeding pretty good.  Her friends attended to her right away and an ambulance whisked her to the ER in no time. Miraculously she did not have a concussion and had not broken anything.  (She likes to credit those strong bones to the nightly bowl of ice-cream she often has after dinner.)  Also lucky was the fact that a maxillofacial specialist was available to put several layers of tiny stitches in the forehead muscle and close the jagged skin tear on her right temple.  We are thankful for his expertise and hopeful the scar will be minimal.  She got home that same evening, by which time my sis-in-law arrived as well.

After a couple days of sleeping in her recliner with her head elevated, icing the side of her face and enjoying chocolate shakes upon request, she made good progress. She’s sleeping normally again, and her aches have subsided.  We stayed until the changing of the guard Saturday, when her other son came from his out-of-town business trip and stayed until a subsequent change in the guard as her sister arrived.  None of us live in her town, but we manage to look after while she recuperates, with the help of her local friends who check in on her regularly.  (She has plenty of volunteers to run to the local Diary Bar!)
Winking smile
Monday was a catch-up day with laundry, grocery shopping and the HVAC guy coming to do our fall furnace maintenance.  Tuesday was spent on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out why the internet was loading so slowly on my desktop.  After an hour an a half, said cable company decided it was my computer and not their service, so I have switched from Chrome back to Firefox, which works better but not completely right.  After that frustration, I decided to put the Christmas stuff away except for a few cut scraps of paper and some embellishments.  But puttering led to this page. 


Oh wait, I can’t show you that yet.  I am undecided if it is good enough for the upcoming Get It Scrapped assignment or if it is just a warm-up page.  (I like it quite a bit better this morning than I did yesterday – you know how that goes.)  Trust me, you might be surprised by what else is on the page, when you see it.

Today will be filled with mundane chores, and maybe even a little catch-up on blog reading. I’m hoping you are having a lovely mundane kind of day, too, or at least that your excitement is the welcome kind!

19 October 2014

Scrapbook Idea – Curate Your Albums

Here is a good scrapbook idea:

Curate – really?  I know that sounds a little high-falutin, but I also know that Debbie Hodge will break it down with a process and give us new perspective on those albums and albums full of layouts that we have.  Like these that are staring back at me:

*** In the interest of full disclosure, that picture is several years old, so there are a few more than that. Yikes? Please tell me some of you can relate!!
Why am I interested in this class?  Well, because I know when my family visits from out – of – town, they sometimes take time to flip through an album or two of mine.  The last time was to show some family ancestors to my niece’s fiancĂ©e, now husband.  And I know the ones they like best are currently marked “Nostalgia”, which means they are full of older photos and tell the “old” stories in our family. 

I want to use Debbie’s class to see if I can make sure that more of my albums are telling family stories – old time stories and more current ones too that will end up being repeated in years to come.  Yes, someday, last month’s pictures will be nostalgia.

  • Am I spotlighting the stories I think need to be passed along? 
  • Are the stories there, but require digging around in several albums?  

Just look up there at my blog header:

saving to paper.png

For me, the class will be a reality check to see how well I am telling those stories.  I think I am doing okay – but is that reflected in the albums?  A review of my body of work will do me good, because sometimes I can get off-track distracted by pretty papers and such.

Another good thing:  the class doesn’t start for several weeks, so I have time to file quite a few layouts in the meantime.  Wanna join me?  Right now you can get a discount – click here for the full class details.
This weekend save 33% with super early-bird pricing

Cost: $48 $32 with coupon code superearlybirdcurates
This pricing good through Monday, October 20

Come on now – let’s join the curating crowd!!