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22 April 2014

Get It Scrapped On a Two-Page Shelf

Gimme A Smile – A Layout for Get It Scrapped

Story: This two-page layout is to showcase lots of photos of my little boy in his first year.  Being so very far behind, I decided to gather up pictures with all kinds of happy facial expressions, and crop them in close.
Style: I arranged them on a shelf that extends across the pages tying together two related patterned papers used as backgrounds.  You will also notice that I used a third pattern on the bottom of both pages.  I made the shelf substantial to support two rows of photos, incorporating banners, hexagons and flags, topped with scattered buttons to draw your eye across its entire length.  Your eye is then rewarded with little bits of journaling at that end.

shelf detail
Stash: Papers, transparencies, chipboard and buttons, My Mind's Eye; Alphabets, Basic Grey, October Afternoon and Adornit; Punches, EK Success and Stampin Up; Stamps, Stampin Up; Tags, Ormolu and Jenni Bowlin Studio.

16 April 2014

Spring Cleaning–Successfully Balanced

If you dropped by last Wednesday you might remember that my studio was pretty neat, with one little recent purchase on the island.  As it was already tidied up, I started spring cleaning in there, dusting nooks and crannies.

Before long, I decided to fix something that had been bugging me.


The end wall with the window lacked symmetry. The reason was the wall phone connection, that I had to work around – placing two tall racks to the left of the window and two short racks on the right by the phone.  It was an annoyance – ever so slight but nagging.

About a month ago, I had to replace the phone.  I selected a cordless model that did not connect to the wall – yippee, I say.  (You may say – S, why in the world do you still have a home phone at all?  But that’s a discussion for another day.)  Anyway, I decided to address the visual balance.



To the right side, I moved one tall rack and a short rack from the island.  I also installed a double wall shelf from downstairs, placing it approximately where the calendar was on the right (and hiding the hole from the plate hanger).  I was able to incorporate a few more baskets this way, and eliminate a few cups and dishes.

I had to hang the shelf myself, and find something suitable to hang downstairs where it had been removed.   (So hubby didn't see more holes.)  All this took more time that it should have.  Dog-gone-it if I didn’t have to put off spring cleaning other rooms for another day.

Doesn't it look so much better balanced – with equal weight on each side, but not absolute symmetry which tends to be boring.  Design principles employed – further spring cleaning delayed.  That’s a win-win!
Oh yes, and because it is Wednesday, I thought I’d join in on a little meme that many of my friends do called Zoom In Zoom Out.  It is hosted by the gracious Helena @ Helena’s Creative Maven, who is encouraging all of us to become better photographers along with her.

So let me ZOOM OUT:

symmetry out

And out a bit further:

symmetry medium

I could have zoomed in, but didn't want to risk capturing missed dust on camera (wink!).  Today I have been back on task to spring clean some other rooms, which I have not been judging on design principles as I do - 'cause I don't want this project to last to fall. Thanks for dropping by today!  I hope to be back soon with something crafty to show from all this order.

13 April 2014

Sketchy Decisions - Let's Get Classy About It

It seems that everyone thinks spring, May in particular, will be a good time for a sketch class.  They could be right, and as a result, I am quite torn about what I should do.

workshop     Click image for more details.

I really enjoyed Donna Jannuzzi’s e-book from Ella Publishing (now merged with Big Picture Classes) Stretch Your Sketches.  It came out just as I was learning to use sketches.  She’s a very no nonsense kind of gal with a classic scrapping style, and I learned a lot from her e-book.  A copy of the first e-book is included in the class, as well as a discount on the second edition – Stretch Your Sketches 2.

SC_NL_Class_MINIBOOKS_JAN     Click image for more details.

Kelly Purkey is also a great sketch artist.  I’ve taken all three of her previous sketchbook classes through Studio Calico, and enjoyed them immensely.  This time there is also some coordinating product available through Studio Calico to go with the class – a little extra fun for a little extra funds (wink, wink, it is SC, after all.)

Both of these classes are right at the $29/$30 price point, so that’s not a deciding factor.  Like I said - I am torn.

There is an alternative (or two):  I have been entertaining this wild and crazy idea that all my scrapbooking should be pocket page scrapbooking.  (Did I conceive this notion while sipping my way through the wine country of Napa Valley . . . maybe.)  Just consider how this would simplify my craft life.  Think of how much I could save on supplies.  (No, that would not really happen – as you can see here.)  Think of how many more photos I could give my attention.  Think of all the extra time I would have to spend on cards.  Whadda’ya think?

Okay, you may be right to call my bluff. I am not likely to go all the way there. (Although it is far short of the “dodgy deep end of going digital").  Still, I could stand to get a better grasp on pocket scrapbooking.  Up until now, I have been winging it off and on.  I am not sure if that is a confidence issue or what.  I tend to treat the itty bitty pocket inserts too much like little layouts.  I load them up with too much product taking too much time – that is a stumbling block to the ease and quickness of the concept.  This has led me to consider this class from Lain Ehmann’s True Scrap series:

KoncarPromo-670x510 Click on the image to view more details.

There are actually several more classes in the series, and the bundle of 6 is on sale for $45 until the end of April.  It would be self-paced since the live event is over, but that may be all the more convenient.

Naturally, Big Picture has a class called Project Life Lessons that looks interesting as well.  And it starts next week.  Coincidentally (and certainly not in blatant violation of anti-trust laws) it is also priced at $45. (Heavy sigh from ex-accounting-type!)  It is a re-run of a class that has already been offered but they open a new forum and gallery for the new class period.  It starts this week incidentally!!

projectlifelessons_banner (1)Click on image for more info.

Like I said, I am torn here.  Are you interested in any of these classes?  We could take them together – and you’ll be at a safe distance so you won’t have to worry about me pulling your hair or looking over at your paper.  Well, I can’t really promise the latter, I’ve been known to scrap lift from my friends on occasion.

What looks best to you? Whadda’ya think?

Wait, wait!  Just as I was finishing this post - I learned that Debbie Hodge has added a resource for sketch users who are members over at Get It Scrapped - a sketch and layered template library.  Sketches from various articles/classes pulled together all in one spot and it is included in your membership price.  I'm telling you sketches are trendy right now!!  So let's get classy about it.

09 April 2014

One Photo Plus Twenty Words–Crafty Desktop

The album was a real crafty bargain find; if not for the fact that I wanted the insides to match!


Once a month, Abi @ Creating Paper Dreams, hosts a link party for our one picture with twenty words storytelling.  Why not hope on over there and see what others have been snapping.

I’m also posting this for WOYWW #253 over at Julia’s Stamping Ground, where crafters have been sharing shots of their desks for nearly 5 years now.

There are plenty of chances to share what’s up in your world, do take a snap or two and join in!