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18 December 2014

Doctoring Up A Card Kit

Surely, by now, the 18th of December, you know what is going on over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog this December. It’s all in the cards.  All kinds of cards.  The counterfeit design team gals are taking turns creating cards for every occasion.  Today and tomorrow, I am posting get well cards.

First, being counterfeiters, we construct a kit.  We can’t help ourselves.  When working on get well cards, I thought it might be nice to resuscitate, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate an old card kit from Stampin Up®.  Spiff it up, give it more energy, make it feel better so it can get out into the world.  Isn’t that all any of us want when we are under the weather?


Stampin Up did these very simple card kits for beginning stampers.  This one called Happy Hello contains 8 card bases (4 preprinted with a Hello greeting – to which I said Goodbye), stickers, twine, rhinestones and envelopes with colored flaps.

Now we all know how therapeutic paper and pretties can be, so I added some.  I started with the leftover pieces of some favorite papers from recent kits.  Then I bundled up other very old embellishments – flowers, buttons, ribbon, twine and washi tape.

get well greetings 
Here is one of the first cards I completed.  You can see another over at CKC.


Now I ask you, is there an old card kit in your stash that you never completed, or perhaps some card bases and envelopes, or maybe just some color cardstock that is begging for new life as a card?  Go find it and come back tomorrow for more examples to help you finish a get well card or two.

15 December 2014

Me and My Two PC’s on Monday

Hello – and dare I say, “Good Monday Afternoon!” Time for a Me on Monday post.


All I had to do to find the camera was dump my purse on the counter.  The really good thing about this shot is that all the clutter next to the sink in the background is hidden behind that big old handbag. (wink)


Saturday was the fateful day that I opened the Envy and set it up on the desk.  I am about 80% complete in my transition to the new machine – hence the side by side configuration you see here.  I only cussed under my breath a few times – and lamented that the newer HP keyboard is very compact.  With a huge screen like that, why did they think they needed to shrink the keyboard?

I still need to install my 2007 Microsoft Office, as I have no desire to complicate the transition with a newer version.  I also need to transfer my documents and other files via hard drive to the new machine.  My plan to use Windows Easy Transfer hit a snag when it would not work because something was corrupted on my old Dell, which is being kicked to the curb for other reasons, that was just the frosting on the cake.  I have transferred most of what I need to the external hard drive, and hoping between loads of laundry today, I can transfer everything from the hard drive to the new machine.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, won’t you?


Over the weekend, we finished up the last of the Christmas decorating, although it is hard to tell, because there is quite a lot of other clutter that has sprung up in record time.  Speaking of springing up, here’s Duke, keeping watch, and at high alert as a UPS truck just made a delivery across the road.

Also squeezed into that weekend:  early morning treadmill walking, Christmas card mailing, Christmas carol singing (hubby and son), basketball at the stadium watching, football from the couch watching, butcher shop visiting, smoked pork chops for dinner devouring, church going,  paperwork filing (at hubby's office for which my banged up cuticles and I were rewarded with BBQ buffalo hot wings nibbling and frozen strawberry margarita sipping), package receiving, broken china unwrapping, customer service calling (sans the long hold only to be disconnected drama), Downtown Abbey reruns viewing and new series TV - watching (The Americans).  It was really quite a splendid two days.


Here is one final shot, I will share with you.  Sian’s post today has a blue Santa that seemed like a perfect complement to my little angel sitting here on my writing desk.  Why not give Sian a wave, and let us know what you are up to on Monday.


By the way, there are some crafty paper posts coming to this here blog later in the week.  See you then?

08 December 2014

Monday, Monday, Be Good To Me

Saturday, Sunday, were (almost) all . . . I hoped they would be . . .

It was a Christmas tree from the attic dragging, spare closet delving, Christmas decorations sorting and passing down, furniture moving, internet shopping, audiobook finishing, Christmas story Sunday School program viewing, pork in the crock-pot simmering kind of weekend.  Our (okay, it was my) goal was to get the house decorated.

We kept on track most of the weekend, until it was time to put lights on the tree.  The menfolk decided new lights were in order and why not just run to Target on the first Sunday afternoon in December and get some.  At first, I rolled my eyes, looked at them most incredulously and then said “what the heck, I’m going too!”

So we went and even lucked into a close parking spot in the nearly full lot.  It wasn’t terribly crowded inside, until we hit the seasonal aisles.  While maneuvering around others, I spotted a $10 coupon offer on Christmas Shop items, if spending $50.  Love that we could just text and get the coupon instantly – yippee, as there had most definitely not been any newspaper perusing for coupons preparations.

The menfolk were mesmerized by the sight of all those lights, the thought of all those possibilities.  They concluded that the outside of son’s house would need some lights too.  After all, the previous owner had already installed beau coup hooks around the doors and windows (more than can be said of the owner of our own house!).  In no time, we were nearly to $50 and we picked up a couple gift bags as insurance for the $50 minimum.

When we got the register, we weren’t insured!!  We hadn’t realized one item was on sale, we were about $1.50 short.  Happily, the cashier suggested she ring up another of the small gift bags we had purchased, and the younger of the menfolk could run to the back of the store and grab another.  (I know what you are thinking, but no, none of the items included in the offer were displayed anywhere near the registers.)

Still we drove happily home, where the menfolk promptly forgot that lights for our tree were the reason for the trip.  They both took off to play with the outside lights at son’s house. Ho ho ho!

Today, I’ve been picking up and putting away all the miscellany that was left in process yesterday.  We  will get back to the tree tonight and tomorrow I  will put out my Sugar Town village, that you see in these boxes.  I haven’t displayed it in several years, because it takes a lot of time.  This year I’m game.

And yes, that new computer is still there, unopened.  I hope to get to it this week.  I backed up my current computer over the weekend and completely cleared my desk in the den too.


But as that song goes: Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day . . .

Here you see me on this Monday, when moments ago I was on hold with customer service to see about returning an item I ordered last week (they shipped the wrong color).  I was 19th in line to start, and deciding I could put the phone on speaker and do other things, I decided to stick it out.  That’s where my high-tech savvy came into play. (You know what's coming, don't you?) When I heard Bonnie come on the line and announce herself - 35 minutes later, I grabbed the phone off the desk and promptly hit the wrong button disconnecting the call instead of turning off the speaker.  Calling back I was 21st in line – I will call back tomorrow, unless Bonnie picks up telepathically my wish that she would call me back.


Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way!!

I wonder how things are at Sian's on this Monday? And how about yours?

01 December 2014

Share the Last Bit of Tea with Abi and Me

This was to be November’s tea post, but the calendar has flipped over to December!  I just pulled out my Christmas teapot; as one of the final things packed last year, it was handy.  I have no Christmas cookies to offer you yet – just a little chocolate from Thanksgiving.


November was productive month in Snapsandsnippets-land.  Busy.  Truly!  Too busy to document it as much as a scrapbooker should!

Around here it is rainy and verging on sleet.  I look around to see a few odds and ends like this left behind when son moved to his new house this last weekend.  I have newfound open space – sprinkled with this and that.  I must tidy up before I begin decorating for the holidays – or let son do it when he returns for a few things he has left behind.


I have my own odds and ends laying about like these catalogs that I had hoped to get through this weekend.  There you have Me on Monday, in well worn slippers and waving hi at Sian.


My birthday was this month – alas, no pictures of me on the day!  Here’s my biggest surprise.  Thanks to hubby I will not have to tolerate my slow desktop computer anymore – the one that “breathes” heavily, sounding like a fish tank, or so I’ve been told.  Who knew he listened to all my lamenting?  I promise not to complain about the technical transition involved (yeah, right, sure)!


Thanksgiving involved lots of family, fun, food (recipes to follow), leftovers like chocolate, and zero pictures again.  I know, that last is truly a bit upsetting – I am hoping someone else was snapping when I wasn’t looking.  I must do better at Christmas – maybe every day I can take a shot or two.  Oh, that reminds me.  Because daughter is usually the one that keeps up with the Advent calendar around here, I made up this one from Little Yellow Bicycle and stashed it in her clean laundry so she’ll have it at the dorm.


You know I have been busy in November with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  This Pinterest challenge turned into that, that, that, that, that and that layout!  In December, CKC changes things up, so you won’t see my contribution until later this month.


This is our last tea monthly tea together, as that sweet gal, Abi @ chasingpaperdreams, is discontinuing the tea meme.  Thankful she prompted us to sit and chat all these months, I raise my cup in a warm toast to her.


I suppose change is part and parcel of that wind I mentioned last month.  Like many other bloggers in the scrapping sphere experiencing shifts in the prevailing winds, more changes are likely to whip through my small corner of blog-ville.
One ship drives east and another drives west/ With the self same winds that flow.
'Tis the set of sails and not the gales/ Which tells us the way to go.
--Ella Wheeler Wilcox
If you cannot read tea leaves, you will just have to wait to see how I set my sails in 2015.  In the meantime, I am wishing you a warm and sweet Christmas season – cozy as a cup of tea shared with friends.

27 November 2014

Final Pinterest-inspired Layout and a Confession

Today, I have one more layout to post from my November 2014 Counterfeit Kit.  I wanted to use the sketch from Scrapbook Generation even though I didn’t have the pictures yet.


I liked this sketch because it uses lots of different patterned papers and more than one photo.  On my version I used coordinating 3 x 4 journal cards on several of the spots – and I’ve left room for two 4 x 6 vertical photos by placing scraps there.  I could also add in another 3 x 4 tucked into the top left side of the right page, if I wanted later.  EK Success' flag punch made quick work of those on the right hand side.

Hello Adventure

Oh yes, about that confession.  One might think I was very Internet-savvy and high tech using Pinterest so frequently.  I mean you can view pins on your laptop, your tablet or your phone – you can access it anywhere.  You could.  Me, I’m old fashioned, I use my desktop computer and cut and paste those images into Word and print them out to take them into the studio.  Let’s face it, I’m a paper girl. See!

sketches on paper

But hey - it worked.  I used all those sketches this month, and nearly all my kit too.  I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my fill of scrapbooking this month, so there won’t be any guilt with trimming way back in December to devote time to other things.

Today is Thanksgiving and I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of you who pop by and read my blog.  I do so appreciate you.  See you back here soon for tea?