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03 December 2013

Sit and Sip, Won’t You?

Come have a cup of tea.  Or hot cocoa.  That’s my preference today. With a cookie or two.  I had 4 “found” hours yesterday as Monday morning mission quilting is on hold until January.


We will have to sit in the dining room because the kitchen table is covered up.  We could pull up a stool at the island, I suppose.  No.  Wait.  The island is covered up too. Now that Turkey Day is behind us, I’m in full on Santa mode. I have started pulling out Christmas decorations and I must admit, not in the most organized method. 

DSC00493 Speaking of Thanksgiving, (did you see how I backed up the sleigh there).  It was delightful.  We were at my mom-in-law’s and had fun playing games, feasting and generally relaxing.   Some of Santa’s helpers were there.

On black Friday we snuck in a little browsing at an antique/craft mall.  It showcased more crafts than antiques but was a lot less crowded than the regular stores.  Had a great time – would have loved to have that cubby-hole shelf – wouldn’t you.

November 20132

Let me think back . . . a few days before that
was my birthday - great fun.  I received a wide variety of celebratory greetings - texts, emails, gifts, telephone calls and cards, like this pretty
one with the stitching and teeny tiny beads and
a pretty one from sis-in-law Trenna delivered in person on Thanksgiving.


My daughter doodled her greeting on my calendar, so that I saw it first thing. I was taken out to dinner that night – tapas – delicious and a very fun sharing way to have dinner with the family!!

November has been busy online too, lots of blog posts catching up my October scrapping and online starts to my Christmas shopping too.  The corner of the garage is as cluttered as the dining room with those collapsed cardboard boxes (and more) to be recycled. DSC00392
It was even a good month technologically.  Surprising.  We upgraded our cable/Internet service with only minor annoyance from the cable company – meaning just one follow-up call. I’ve switched my browser from Firefox to Chrome.  Still figuring out the Facebook thing, but have “mastered” posting from my blog to Facebook with Symphony – I think.

Lots on daughter’s schedule too. She received her first college acceptance letter. We were on hand to see her receive senior recognition at the annual band banquet.

Look she actually wore a dress – you can’t see the leggings she wore with it, but she wished she’d taken a sweater too.  Ah, well, the sacrifices we make for fashion
Speaking of fashion, we found her a midnight blue tulle dress for the upcoming Christmas dance at Macy’s but thanks goes to the lady at Dillard's department store for suggesting rose gold and pink rhinestone jewelry to pick up the glitter specks on the dress.  Still need new shoes, that’s on the agenda for after school today. 

Son’s hunt for a house continues but open houses have stalled for the holidays.  Just as well, he’s been tied up on weekends – trips to visit friends and music rehearsals for Christmas.

Hubby has done a good bit of traveling for work, which makes him dream of early retirement even more fervently.  Until then he and son enjoy their alma mater playing college basketball on the TV.  We also are fans of the local college playing at the stadium.  At one game, hubby was caught on the big screen kiss cam and had to kiss his wife in public while the crowd stared on!

Duke had enjoyed romping around in the leaves.  Eventually, when they were all down, they were mowed over.  He also loves chasing squirrels up the trees and geese back into the water.


Hmm, that’s about it.  Splendid . . . cocoa in the dining room again next month?  It is a welcome relief not to see the chaos of so many chores in process.

If you need a break from chores, why not hop over to Abi’s @ Creating Paper Dreams, where blog friends all get together over tea and catch up.


  1. Aargh, blogger ate my comment! LOL As long as I'm here, let me help with those decorations while we chat. You must be very proud of your daughter! Thanks for the cookies and cocoa. I'll drop by again for that!

  2. Loving the photos!! Congrats to your daughter!!!

  3. Congratulations to your daughter! And please post photos of her all dressed up - the outfit sounds lovely.

  4. Gosh you have had a busy month! Black Friday sounds like you can pick up some great bargains-nothing like that here, although if its anything like our januray sales, I don't blame you for staying well clear. Congratulations to your daughter and happy belated birthday!
    Thank you so much for joining me for tea!

  5. So nice to hear what you've been up to! Looking forward to joining you again next month!

  6. I'm usually finished my shopping by Black Friday - the picture on the front of the paper of the crowds trying to get into Boise Mall in 2006 still haunts me!! But yes would love that cubby shelf.
    enjoy the Season

  7. Cocoa sounds very Christmassy to me - like the hot, hot chocolate in Polar Express!

    It's good to just sit and exchange news every so often. I really enjoyed hearing about the family and what everyone is up to. A midnight blue tulle dress sounds fabulous

  8. It has been just lovely to sip something chocolately and catch up on all your family news - and belated Happy Birthday and many congratulations to your lovely daughter! Oh yes, that cubby hole looks as if it could hold a multitude of things. Black Friday is starting to happen over here now - another shopping day to avoid! Hoping you will be opening the door next month too :).

  9. Happy Belated Birthday - so glad it was a nice day! How fun to be found by the kiss cam! Sounds like things are going well around your place! Great to catch up with you today.

  10. Wow - what a lot of news! Congrats to your daughter and Happy Birthday to you!
    The cocoa looks really yummy. I couldn't quite make out the return address on that letter.
    I hope she gets into a place she wants to go.

  11. Ah, I'd love a cup of cocoa. With marshmallows please! :) This is a fab catch up post. Great way to record all of these little details so that you don't forget any of it!

  12. Delightful cup of coffee. Thank you for a lovely catch up post. Looking forward to next month's cuppa.

  13. What a lovely chat and cocoa - I do enjoy these catch up posts.